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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Roast beef spread6.400g
Butter oil, anhydrous3.226g
Butter, salted3.226g
Butter, without salt3.226g
Butter, whipped, with salt2.630g
Butter, light, stick, without salt1.788g
Butter, light, stick, with salt1.788g
Cheese, goat, hard type1.784g
Cheese, parmesan, grated1.510g
Cheese, parmesan, low sodium1.509g
Cheese, goat, semisoft type1.496g
Cheese, parmesan, shredded1.375g
Cheese, romano1.355g
Cheese, parmesan, hard1.299g
Cream, fluid, heavy whipping1.200g
Candies, toffee, prepared-from-recipe1.184g
Cheese, swiss1.102g
Cheese, swiss, low sodium1.098g
Cream, fluid, light whipping1.083g
Cheese, monterey, low fat1.080g
Cheese, low-sodium, cheddar or colby1.079g
Cheese, goat, soft type1.057g
Cheese, parmesan, dry grated, reduced fat1.054g
Cheese, gruyere1.049g
Cheese, cheddar1.046g
Cheese, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate1.043g
Cheese, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate1.043g
Cheese, muenster1.042g
Cheese, pasteurized process, pimento1.041g
Cheese, colby1.041g
Cheese, pasteurized process, cheddar or american, low sodium1.038g
Cheese, port de salut1.027g
Cheese, edam1.000g
Cheese, gouda0.999g
Cheese, cream0.998g
Cheese, monterey0.982g
Cheese, provolone0.981g
Cheese, cheshire0.966g
Cheese, gjetost0.957g
Cheese, caraway0.922g
Cheese, brick0.914g
Cheese, mexican, queso anejo0.907g
Cheese, mexican, queso chihuahua0.898g
Cheese, tilsit0.878g
Cheese, roquefort0.877g
Milk, dry, whole0.866g
Cheese, mexican, queso asadero0.855g
Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk, low moisture0.844g
Butter-margarine blend, stick, unsalted0.842g
Cheese spread, cream cheese base0.820g
Cheese, pasteurized process, swiss, with di sodium phosphate0.815g
Cheese, pasteurized process, swiss, without di sodium phosphate0.815g
Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk0.805g
Cheese, limburger0.803g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate0.798g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate0.798g
Cheese food, cold pack, american0.793g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, swiss0.787g
Cheese, feta0.775g
Cream, whipped, cream topping, pressurized0.721g
Cheese, Mexican, blend, reduced fat0.720g
USDA Commodity, cheese, cheddar, reduced fat0.720g
Cheese, fontina0.715g
Vegetable oil-butter spread, reduced calorie0.710g
Sauce, alfredo mix, dry0.692g
Cheese spread, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate0.688g
Cheese spread, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate0.688g
Cheese, mozzarella, part skim milk, low moisture0.686g
Candies, truffles, prepared-from-recipe0.686g
Cream, sour, cultured0.680g
Cheese, blue0.658g
Cheese, provolone, reduced fat0.650g
Candies, milk chocolate coated coffee beans0.633g
Cream, fluid, light (coffee cream or table cream)0.626g
Candies, milk chocolate, with almonds0.611g
Cheese, neufchatel0.609g
Croissants, butter0.595g
Cheese, ricotta, whole milk0.574g
Cheese, muenster, low fat0.571g
Cheese, brie0.564g
Cake, pound, commercially prepared, butter0.564g
Candies, milk chocolate, with rice cereal0.561g
Cheese, mozzarella, low sodium0.559g
Cookies, butter, commercially prepared, unenriched0.546g
Cookies, butter, commercially prepared, enriched0.546g
Sauce, cheese, dry, powder0.540g
Cheese fondue0.540g
Vegetable oil-butter spread, reduced calorie, tub, salted0.522g
Ice creams, chocolate, rich0.517g
Cheese, mozzarella, part skim milk0.516g
Cheese, cream, low fat0.505g
Croissants, cheese0.497g
Alcoholic beverage, liqueur, coffee with cream, 34 proof0.495g
Cheese, camembert0.494g
Ice creams, vanilla, rich0.491g
Candies, semisweet chocolate, made with butter0.480g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies0.462g
Cheese product, pasteurized process, cheddar or american, reduced fat0.460g
Sour cream, reduced fat0.460g
Cookies, chocolate chip, prepared from recipe, made with butter0.455g
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