WeightChart.com Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated February 11, 2010

WeightChart.com is a free service of the eWoFF Network. Please take a moment to review the frequently asked questions to enhance your experiences at WeightChart.com.

How can I edit or delete a wellness entry?

You can edit an entry by simply clicking the point on the chart or the row in the table view. Please note that you can click to edit an entry only in the Daily view of the chart. This brings up the form with all of your data for a specific entry. You can modify anything, including the date, and save.

Now you are able to delete a wellness entry. When you click to edit, there is a text link to delete an entry. Click on this link and confirm deletion. Please note that it is not possible to restore a deleted entry.

What is the Photo Timeline and how do I use it?

The Photo Timeline, which appears on it's own tab on your main chart page, is for viewing photos of yourself over time as a record of your appearance at different stages of wellness. To add photos to the Timeline use the Choose Photo button as you are entering your weight. The photo will show up in your Timeline automatically, along with any notes you enter on that day.

Can I track something other than my weight and how I am feeling?

Yes! Please use WeightChart Trackables to track any of your wellness parameters. Look for the Trackables button on your chart page to create and edit, to show your Trackables on the chart use the Options menu.

What is Quick Entry and how do I use it?

Quick Entries allow you to create a wellness entry without logging in. The Quick Entry page is also optimized for mobile devices with full web browsing.

How does it work?
  1. Enable Quick Entries on the Preferences page. Choose how often you would like to use Quick Entry.
  2. For each Quick Entry you will receive an email with a Quick Entry link.
  3. Follow the link to make a Wellness Entry without needing to log in.

Quick Entries will turn off automatically if you do not respond to five consecutive messages.

For security reasons a Quick Entry link can only be used once and will expire after 24 hours.

Soon after you enable Quick Entries for the first time, we'll send you a link. Subsequent emails will arrive at the frequency you've specified.

Why is my date of birth needed?

For growing children using the growth chart features, date of birth is critical for all computations. For adults using the weight chart, date of birth is used for computation of your BMI and BMR. If you do not wish to provide your birth date, you can specify a slightly incorrect birth date for a minimal impact on the formulas.

How is Growth Chart different from Weight Chart?

Growth Charts are designed for growing children under 18 years of age. For the growing children using growth charts, you are able to specify not only their weight, but also their height, and head circumference. Growth charts show your weight, height, and head circumference as percentiles of CDC growth data. You can switch from growth chart to weight chart from the Preferences page.

Do I need a separate account for each of my children?

Yes, WeightChart.com accounts are designed for a single individual. Please create a separate account for each person that is being tracked; children, elderly, or others.

Is this service really free?

Yes, WeightChart.com is free for personal use.

What is WeightChart Together?

WeightChart Together are a set of premium services designed for groups, wellness professionals, and organizations. Please review the details of these services on the WeightChart Together Page.

How does Chart Sharing work?

Chart Sharing is a very powerful feature of WeightChart.com. You can share your chart with any other user of WeightChart.com. It allows the other user to see your chart and exchange messages with you. Please note that Chart Sharing is one way. When you share your chart with someone, it does not allow you to see their chart. They need to share their chart with you in order for you to see it.

You can share your charts with family, friends, wellness buddies, trainers, doctors, etc.

Where can I look up a member to share a chart with?

You cannot look up other WeightChart.com members. WeightChart.com is part of the eWoFF Network. We believe that most individuals are private by nature and are reluctant to engage with people that they do not know. eWoFF Network is a private network for family and friends. We do not help you link with others. You should share charts only with WeightChart.com users who have given you their username and agreed to share chart with you.

How do reminders work?

If you choose to receive reminders we will email you to help you stay on track. You will receive a reminder once your selected number of days have passed since your last weight entry. If you have selected to receive more than one reminder each will arrive in the same frequency as your selected number of days. For example if you have selected to receive reminders after 7 days and no more than 3 each time, your reminders will arrive at 7, 14, and 21 days and then stop. Reminders will also stop and reset when you enter your weight.

Why am I not getting reminders?

If you should be getting reminders and are not, please send and email to info@WeightChart.com with your username, email, and phone (if callback acceptable). Your email in our system may be incorrect or the reminder message may be undelivered for one of many reasons.

Please also make sure that our message does not end up in your spam folder.

How can suggest a feature for WeightChart.com?

We are always looking for feedback on what is working, what is not working, and what will be useful. Please send an email with your feedback to info@WeightChart.com.

Why doesn't the 'remember me' feature work?

Many users do not want to log in every day, but want the system to remember them. Please make sure that you do not logout when you are done with the site. The logout overrides your 'remember me' checkbox and clears the cookie.

Also, you can bypass the homepage by going directly to the chart page if you stay logged in via the 'remember me' feature.

How can I delete my WeightChart.com account?

We thank you for trying WeightChart.com.

If you would like to delete your account, please make sure that there is no content on WeightChart.com that you wish to save. Please also make sure that you do not use one of the other sites of the eWoFF Network including eWoFF.com and nvytr.com. eWoFF Network sites use a shared user database.

Please send an email to info@WeightChart.com from your email associated with your WeightChart.com account along with your username and affirmation that you do not want to save anything. We will promptly remove your account and send you a confirmation.

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