WeightChart Results

Current as of March 30, 2010

After six months tracking with WeightChart our members have lost more weight on average than results for major commercial diet/wellness products. We believe these results suggest that tracking with WeightChart can make a material impact on your ability to reach your wellness goals.

We're delighted that our members are posting an average loss of 11 lbs., take a moment to learn about what was measured.

Chart of Time Tracked And Weight Loss

This chart shows that the longer people are tracking their weight the more weight they are losing. We interpret this to mean that tracking with us is helping to lose weight, and keep the weight off. Tracking enables people to recognize when something is hindering their progress, so they can adjust and stay on track.

Starting Weight Weight Loss Chart

This chart shows that heavier people are losing more weight while tracking with WeigthChart. On average everyone is doing a great job, our congratulations to all of our members on their progress. In percentage terms these results show a range between 2% and almost 10% of body weight lost.

Number of Wellness Entries And Weight Loss Chart

This chart shows weight change by average number of entries. We've received feedback from many users saying that actively tracking their wellness is helping to create a mindset for making healthy choices. Tracking with WeightChart has become a valuable part of the wellness journey.

A few details on how we produced these results

  • All returning users were included. A returning user is someone who has entered data on a day after their sign-up day.
  • Only people with weight between 93 and 360lbs (42 and 163 kg.) were included in the results. This weight range matches that of the 99% reference range for adults in the 2006 NHANES survey.
  • The results may include people who are trying to gain weight and people under the age of 18.

It's time to make some results of your own!Visualize your progress and get instant feedback on weight, BMI, BMR, and milestone goals!

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