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Top 100 Foods highest in Phytosterols

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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Oil, vegetable, rice bran1190mg
Oil, vegetable, corn, industrial and retail, all purpose salad or cooking968mg
Oil, sesame, salad or cooking865mg
Seeds, sesame seeds, whole, dried714mg
Oil, wheat germ553mg
Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried534mg
Oil, vegetable safflower, salad or cooking, linoleic, (over 70%)444mg
Oil, vegetable safflower, salad or cooking, oleic, over 70% (primary safflower oil of commerce)444mg
Margarine, regular, hard, sunflower and soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed (hydrogenated)425mg
Oil, vegetable, sheanut357mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, soybean and safflower oil, with salt347mg
Oil, vegetable, cottonseed, salad or cooking324mg
Snacks, corn-based, extruded, puffs or twists, cheese-flavor313mg
Oil, vegetable, poppyseed276mg
Oil, vegetable, almond266mg
Oil, vegetable, apricot kernel266mg
Margarine, regular, unspecified oils, without added salt265mg
Spices, cloves, ground256mg
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy, refined, for woks and light frying250mg
USDA Commodity Food, oil, vegetable, soybean, refined250mg
USDA Commodity Food, oil, vegetable, low saturated fat250mg
Spices, sage, ground244mg
Oil, olive, salad or cooking221mg
Peanuts, all types, raw220mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, imitation, soybean without cholesterol216mg
Nuts, pistachio nuts, raw214mg
Nuts, pistachio nuts, dry roasted, with salt added214mg
Nuts, pistachio nuts, dry roasted, without salt added214mg
Margarine, regular, tub, composite, 80% fat, with salt210mg
Oil, peanut, salad or cooking207mg
Spices, oregano, dried203mg
Oil, vegetable, cocoa butter201mg
Shortening bread, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed200mg
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections200mg
Shortening industrial, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed200mg
Shortening cake mix, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed (hydrogenated)200mg
Shortening frying (regular), soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed (hydrogenated)200mg
Shortening, household, soybean (hydrogenated)-cottonseed (hydrogenated)200mg
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and corn for frying200mg
Shortening frying (heavy duty), soybean (hydrogenated), linoleic (less than 1%)181mg
Oil, vegetable, grapeseed180mg
Salad dressing, french, home recipe176mg
Oil, vegetable, walnut176mg
Spices, paprika175mg
Margarine, regular, liquid, soybean (hydrogenated and regular) and cottonseed174mg
Spices, thyme, dried163mg
Soybeans, mature seeds, raw161mg
Nuts, cashew nuts, dry roasted, with salt added158mg
Nuts, cashew nuts, dry roasted, without salt added158mg
Oil, soybean, salad or cooking, (hydrogenated) and cottonseed152mg
Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated) and cottonseed, principal use as a tortilla shortening152mg
Shortening household soybean (hydrogenated) and palm148mg
Margarine, regular, hard, soybean (hydrogenated)146mg
Nuts, pine nuts, dried141mg
Spices, fenugreek seed140mg
Peas, split, mature seeds, raw135mg
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), pourable liquid fry shortening132mg
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy ( partially hydrogenated), all purpose132mg
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), principal uses popcorn and flavoring vegetables132mg
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ), palm, principal uses icings and fillings132mg
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), multiuse for non-dairy butter flavor132mg
Oil, soybean, salad or cooking, (partially hydrogenated)132mg
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and soy (winterized), pourable clear fry132mg
Shortening frying (heavy duty), soybean (hydrogenated), linoleic (30%) stabilizers with silicon132mg
Nuts, almonds, oil roasted, without salt added130mg
Nuts, almonds, oil roasted, with salt added130mg
Beans, kidney, all types, mature seeds, raw127mg
Broadbeans (fava beans), mature seeds, raw124mg
Spices, dill seed124mg
Oil, vegetable, hazelnut120mg
Nuts, almonds, dry roasted, without salt added118mg
Nuts, almonds, dry roasted, with salt added118mg
Spices, mustard seed, yellow118mg
Nuts, almonds, blanched116mg
Nuts, hazelnuts or filberts, blanched116mg
Nuts, macadamia nuts, raw116mg
Nuts, macadamia nuts, dry roasted, without salt added114mg
Nuts, macadamia nuts, dry roasted, with salt added114mg
Nuts, hazelnuts or filberts, dry roasted, without salt added110mg
Nuts, pecans, oil roasted, without salt added108mg
Nuts, walnuts, black, dried108mg
Nuts, pecans, oil roasted, with salt added108mg
Spices, basil, dried106mg
Peanut butter, smooth, vitamin and mineral fortified102mg
Peanut butter, chunk style, without salt102mg
Oil, vegetable, teaseed102mg
Peanut butter, smooth style, without salt102mg
Peanut butter, chunk style, with salt102mg
Peanut butter, smooth style, with salt102mg
Nuts, pecans102mg
Oil, vegetable, sunflower, linoleic, (approx. 65%)100mg
Oil, vegetable, tomatoseed100mg
Oil, vegetable, sunflower, linoleic (less than 60%)100mg
Salad dressing, Mayonnaise dressing, diet, no cholesterol97mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise type, regular, with salt97mg
Nuts, hazelnuts or filberts96mg
Spices, poultry seasoning96mg
Vegetable oil, palm kernel95mg
Oil, vegetable, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), confection fat, intermediate grade product95mg
Oil, vegetable, babassu95mg
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