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My Success Story:

I finally just got sick of being fat! I used to be so healthy, would never eat junk, ran everyday, played tennis several times a week, weight lifting, 10k fun runs, vegetarian, yada, yada....So I knew how to be healthy, it's just major life changes and a series of injuries sidelined me and I adopted the bad habits with the same enthusiasm I had held on to my healthy habits and started gaining 15 plus pounds a year. Over a 15 year period I went from a very lean and healthy 165 to 382.9 pounds, a whopping 217.9 pounds. It was like I just woke up and asked myself, how the hell did I ever let this happen? I mean, at what point did I buy a pair of size 42 pants and think, that's okay? Not to mention every pair that was bigger all the way to size 54! So, I bought a bike (my knee prevents a lot of long distance walking) went on a roughly 12 calorie diet, pretty balanced between protien and fruits and vegetables, no carbs, and I stick to it, I no longer touch any junk food or beer and I don't miss them at all, what I do miss is running, I miss playing tennis and I miss women flirting with me, (though at my age now, those days may be long behind me!). I have been losing at a crazy rate, 55 lbs in the last 55 days and I guess that's been motivating in itself. I'm now up to 12 miles a day on my bike in my target heart rate range and my resting heart rate has dropped to 62, awesome, I would like to get it back down to 45, it can happen. My weight goal is 165, should have a 32 inch waist again, I want to do 20+ miles a day on the bike, which seems totally achievable at this point, I started out at one mile a day and my body has adapted to the increased work quickly. I'm trying to walk a bit as excercise everyday, but the knee is still sensitive though it's getting much better and stronger and I would like to walk 5 miles every morning and keep riding the 20+ every evening. I still have 162 lbs. to go, so I laugh at myself sometimes, like yay!, I lost 55 lbs.! but that's only a quarter way through my trip! and 327.9 lbs. is still freaking huge, but I'm feeling better, looking better, I'm already wearing pants 4 inches smaller in the waist and went ahead and bought size 48 and 46 pants in anticipation, can't wait to get all the way down to me again! and stay there this time! Yeesh! No Excuses!

How WeightChart is helping:

The chart has been a way to keep track of my weight loss and to set goals. I wish they would get rid of that little statement that says difficult, who cares, of course it's difficult, but I believe, as I always have that the most powerful muscle in the body is the mind, it sustained me through 20 mile runs in my younger days and it will keep going through this.

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