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cfelicia is sharing their progress on WeightChart, for another success story read diana62's

My Success Story:

I had a baby one year ago and I was tired of always feeling fat and out of shape. No matter how busy life gets, I made a committment to take care of myself. I workout 4-5 days out of the week, while making good judgement on the food I eat. I found that taking a before picture gave me the extra boost to lose the weight. No one said losing weight is fun, but if you have the will, determination, and are willing to sacrifice, then you have the perfect ingredients to being successful in your road to weight loss. Everyday it is a struggle for me but I constantly think about the end result; this is what drives me.

How WeightChart is helping:

WeightChart has helped me to keep track of my weight and also gives me the motivation to reach my targeted milestone.

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