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diana62 is sharing their progress on WeightChart, for another success story read butterfly19's

My Success Story:

I started losing weight in 2004. My top weight was 367. I am starting weightchart.com at 336.6. Wt chart really helps me visually see my progress and helps me stay motivated and more than that, honest.. My weight chart isn't a straight line down but I have hit the 50 lb weight loss mark (from my highest weight. I haven't given up yet. In March 2012 I realized that I deeply believed I couldn't lose weight and keep it off and that I'd always be fat and in pain. Living a way less than full life. My chiropractor lost 50 lbs and looks 20 years younger. I realized I can lose weight I just have to have the determination to stay with my low carb, low calorie plan. And weight loss perpetuates weight loss. I'm at 315.4 today and have more energy than I did 15 lbs ago. This is slow because I'm dealing with old habits and cravings but I'm learning so much...like if you get deep sleep you crave fewer carbs. That eating sugar in a concentrated form makes me depressed physically like a depressant drug.

How WeightChart is helping:

I like the simple format and think that visually seeing the weight going down or catching when it goes up! helps me stay personally responsible for my decisions and motivated for what is a 200 lb journey. I use Weight Chart almost every day now.

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