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cdhinton62 is sharing their progress on WeightChart, for another success story read marietta's

My Success Story:

At the beginning of this year (2011) I was about 310lbs. I was having achy spells of sore muscles, tiredness, and always being sleepy. Had a checkup in January and the doctor determined that I have sleep apnea and borderline hypertension. I've also found out that I had a tremendous amount of backed up excess fluid. I have cut back on bad eating habits, began taking the stairs more at work, and eating enough to be satisfied instead of until "I'm about to burst". My doctor prescribed me a low dosage blood pressure medicine that includes medicine for the "water pill" As of right now I am 277lbs. "HOW COOL IS THAT!

How WeightChart is helping:

The fact that I can keep track of my weight loss, eating and exercising habits somewhere online is further motivating me to loose the weight.

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