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My Success Story:

Age 52, one year, 52 weeks: 52 lbs! (actual loss as of this date is 53#, but I have reached my goal of 140# and will be maintaining it (give or take a few #s) from here. Clearly weight loss is not exactly linear; I rarely lost a pound a week, but as the chart shows, it was more often a pattern of losing for a couple of weeks, stalling or even gaining a pound and then suddenly dropping 2-4; I did nothing significantly differently on weeks with different results. Weight fluctuates; the important thing is the general trend. How did I do it? Eating well - good, delicious, mostly locally-grown and raised whole foods and tracking input & output, exercising in ways that I really enjoy. And I feel great! This all was sparked by a high blood sugar taken on a whim 2 hours after lunch; both parents were diabetic, diagnosed in their 50's and I could see the writing on the wall - and it was very upsetting. Once I had lost almost 50 lbs I got an actual A1C test, which was quite a bit higher than expected (mine was 5.7; 6.0 is a diagnosis of diabetes) - and started testing my blood sugar regularly - finding still occasional high (beyond normal) after-meal sugars, although I have never had high morning (fasting) sugars (even fat). But according to my physician, had I not lost the weight and gotten into shape, I would almost certainly be diabetic now. Although I feel cheated that it didn't get rid of it - I have not fully escaped the curse of my biology - I am able to manage it now without ending up with the diagnosis - or any of the negative consequences (stroke, blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy, etc). And the benefits - feeling great, being able to move more easily, doing things again (like running) I had to stop in the past are worth it. And - there are so much nicer clothes available at this size than when I was plus-size!

How WeightChart is helping:

Tracking weight loss, food intake and exercise is ESSENTIAL to success! This site has helped particularly because the visual chart has been very encouraging!

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