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Top 100 Foods highest in Sugars, total

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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Sugars, granulated99.91g
Sugars, powdered97.91g
Whiskey sour mix, powder97.30g
Sugars, brown97.02g
Strawberry-flavor beverage mix, powder95.45g
Tea, instant, sweetened with sugar, lemon-flavored, without added ascorbic acid, powder, decaffeinated95.29g
Tea, instant, sweetened with sugar, lemon-flavored, without added ascorbic acid, powder95.29g
Fruit punch-flavor drink, powder, without added sodium95.20g
Lemonade-flavor drink, powder94.44g
Lemonade, powder94.44g
Candies, hard, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol)93.00g
Puddings, vanilla, dry mix, instant92.90g
Sweeteners, tabletop, fructose, dry, powder92.70g
Orange-flavor drink, breakfast type, powder92.31g
Drink mix, QUAKER OATS, GATORADE, lemon-lime flavor, powder89.70g
Candies, fondant, prepared-from-recipe88.90g
Gelatin desserts, dry mix86.04g
Sweeteners, tabletop, saccharin85.19g
Sugars, maple84.87g
Chocolate-flavor beverage mix for milk, powder, without added nutrients83.88g
Candies, nougat, with almonds83.33g
Chocolate-flavor beverage mix for milk, powder, with added nutrients81.82g
Apples, dehydrated (low moisture), sulfured, uncooked81.13g
Apple cider-flavored drink, powder, added vitamin C and sugar80.95g
Sweeteners, tabletop, aspartame, EQUAL, packets80.70g
Candied fruit80.68g
Puddings, coconut cream, dry mix, regular80.54g
Drink mix, QUAKER OATS, GATORADE, orange flavor, powder80.50g
Candies, butterscotch80.46g
Frostings, glaze, prepared-from-recipe80.44g
Sweeteners, tabletop, sucralose, SPLENDA packets80.33g
Candies, fudge, vanilla, prepared-from-recipe79.77g
Puddings, vanilla, dry mix, regular79.34g
Candies, divinity, prepared-from-recipe78.96g
Puddings, banana, dry mix, instant76.57g
Sweeteners, tabletop, fructose, liquid76.00g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, SKITTLES Wild Berry Bite Size Candies75.92g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, SKITTLES Original Bite Size Candies75.84g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, SKITTLES Tropical Bite Size Candies75.76g
Candies, YORK BITES75.00g
Syrups, sorghum74.90g
Whey, sweet, dried74.46g
McDONALD'S, Honey74.32g
Puddings, banana, dry mix, regular74.32g
Whey, acid, dried73.45g
Cream substitute, powdered, light73.40g
Candies, fudge, peanut butter, prepared-from-recipe73.36g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, SKITTLES Sours Original73.16g
Candies, fudge, chocolate, prepared-from-recipe73.12g
Candies, sweet chocolate coated fondant71.42g
Syrups, malt71.30g
Candies, fudge, vanilla with nuts71.00g
Cookies, coconut macaroons, prepared from recipe70.65g
Malted drink mix, chocolate, with added nutrients, powder70.56g
Candies, gum drops, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol)70.00g
Candies, jellybeans70.00g
Baking chocolate, mexican, squares69.40g
Coffee, instant, with sugar, cappuccino-flavor powder69.16g
Candies, taffy, prepared-from-recipe68.48g
Syrups, table blends, cane and 15% maple68.20g
Puddings, chocolate, dry mix, instant67.86g
Currants, zante, dried67.28g
Candies, confectioner's coating, butterscotch67.10g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, POP'ABLES 3 MUSKETEERS Brand Bite Size Candies67.00g
Malted drink mix, chocolate, powder66.67g
Candies, NESTLE, AFTER EIGHT Mints66.60g
Dates, medjool66.47g
Litchis, dried66.10g
Chewing gum66.08g
Beverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, not reconstituted65.80g
Cocoa mix, powder65.55g
Candies, caramels65.50g
Cranberries, dried, sweetened65.00g
Puddings, tapioca, dry mix65.00g
Cocoa mix, NESTLE, Hot Cocoa Mix Rich Chocolate With Marshmallows65.00g
Popcorn, sugar syrup/caramel, fat-free64.68g
Frostings, glaze, chocolate, prepared-from-recipe, with butter, NFSMI Recipe No. C-3264.30g
Candies, fudge, chocolate marshmallow, prepared-from-recipe64.06g
Puddings, coconut cream, dry mix, instant64.00g
Candies, ROLO Caramels in Milk Chocolate63.93g
Candies, YORK Peppermint Pattie63.78g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies63.68g
Frostings, cream cheese-flavor, ready-to-eat63.54g
Candies, toffee, prepared-from-recipe63.47g
Cookies, chocolate sandwich, with creme filling, regular, chocolate-coated63.40g
Malted drink mix, natural, with added nutrients, powder63.38g
Candies, fudge, chocolate, with nuts, prepared-from-recipe63.37g
Dates, deglet noor63.35g
Frostings, vanilla, creamy, ready-to-eat63.10g
Candies, hard62.90g
Baking chocolate, MASTERFOODS USA, M&M's Milk Chocolate Mini Baking Bits62.54g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, M&M's MINIs Milk Chocolate Candies62.54g
Candies, sugar-coated almonds62.50g
Candies, confectioner's coating, yogurt62.36g
Candies, milk chocolate coated raisins62.22g
Pears, dried, sulfured, uncooked62.20g
Candies, MASTERFOODS USA, POP'ABLES MILKY WAY Brand Bite Size Candies61.08g
Candies, HEATH BITES60.02g
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