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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Butter, salted2.007g
Butter, without salt2.007g
Butter oil, anhydrous1.910g
Butter, whipped, with salt1.557g
Butter, light, stick, with salt1.060g
Butter, light, stick, without salt1.060g
Cheese, goat, hard type0.782g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, coconut, confection fat, typical basis for ice cream coatings0.752g
Oil, industrial, coconut, principal uses candy coatings, oil sprays, roasting nuts0.750g
Candies, toffee, prepared-from-recipe0.721g
Cream, fluid, heavy whipping0.710g
Cheese, roquefort0.660g
Cheese, goat, semisoft type0.656g
Cheese, gouda0.640g
Oil, industrial, coconut (hydrogenated), used for whipped toppings and coffee whiteners0.634g
Cheese, gruyere0.621g
Vegetable oil, coconut0.600g
Cheese, feta0.573g
Cheese, gjetost0.566g
Cheese, parmesan, grated0.565g
Cheese, parmesan, low sodium0.559g
Cheese, port de salut0.556g
Cheese, low-sodium, cheddar or colby0.546g
Cheese, tilsit0.536g
Cheese, cheddar0.529g
Cheese, parmesan, shredded0.515g
Cheese, romano0.508g
Butter-margarine blend, stick, unsalted0.499g
Cheese, pasteurized process, swiss, with di sodium phosphate0.489g
Cheese, limburger0.489g
Cheese, fontina0.489g
Cheese, swiss, low sodium0.489g
Cheese, pasteurized process, swiss, without di sodium phosphate0.489g
Cheese, cheshire0.488g
Cheese, swiss0.488g
Cheese, parmesan, hard0.487g
Cheese, mexican, queso anejo0.474g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate0.472g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, swiss0.472g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate0.472g
Cheese, mexican, queso chihuahua0.470g
Cheese food, cold pack, american0.470g
Cheese, caraway0.466g
Cheese, goat, soft type0.463g
Cheese, edam0.461g
Vegetable oil-butter spread, reduced calorie0.460g
Cheese, mexican, queso asadero0.447g
Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk0.446g
Cream, whipped, cream topping, pressurized0.427g
USDA Commodity, cheese, cheddar, reduced fat0.420g
Cheese, Mexican, blend, reduced fat0.420g
Cheese spread, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate0.408g
Cheese spread, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate0.408g
Cream, sour, cultured0.402g
Cheese, parmesan, dry grated, reduced fat0.395g
Nuts, coconut meat, dried (desiccated), creamed0.393g
Cheese, brick0.373g
Cream, fluid, light (coffee cream or table cream)0.371g
Cheese, provolone0.370g
Nuts, coconut meat, dried (desiccated), not sweetened0.367g
Cheese, blue0.361g
Cheese, pasteurized process, cheddar or american, low sodium0.359g
Cheese, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate0.356g
Cheese, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate0.356g
Cheese, pasteurized process, pimento0.355g
Croissants, butter0.351g
Cheese, muenster, low fat0.337g
Cake, pound, commercially prepared, butter0.334g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated) , used for whipped toppings, non-dairy0.325g
Cheese, brie0.323g
Cookies, butter, commercially prepared, enriched0.323g
Cookies, butter, commercially prepared, unenriched0.323g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), confection fat, uses similar to 95 degree hard butter0.321g
Candies, truffles, prepared-from-recipe0.320g
Oil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), filling fat0.318g
Ice creams, chocolate, rich0.312g
Vegetable oil-butter spread, reduced calorie, tub, salted0.309g
Cream, fluid, light whipping0.302g
Cheese, cream0.294g
Alcoholic beverage, liqueur, coffee with cream, 34 proof0.294g
Croissants, cheese0.293g
Ice creams, vanilla, rich0.290g
Sauce, alfredo mix, dry0.289g
Candies, semisweet chocolate, made with butter0.285g
Cheese, camembert0.283g
Sour cream, reduced fat0.270g
Sauce, cheese, dry, powder0.270g
Cheese, american cheddar, imitation0.270g
Cheese product, pasteurized process, cheddar or american, reduced fat0.270g
Cookies, chocolate chip, prepared from recipe, made with butter0.269g
Nuts, coconut meat, dried (desiccated), toasted0.267g
Cheese, colby0.259g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), confection fat, intermediate grade product0.258g
Cheese, monterey0.244g
Cheese, muenster0.243g
Milk, dry, whole0.240g
Cheese, provolone, reduced fat0.240g
Cheese fondue0.239g
Cheese spread, cream cheese base0.238g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, palm and palm kernel, filling fat0.236g
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