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Top 100 Spices and Herbs highest in Selenium, Se

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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Spices, mustard seed, yellow133.6mcg
Spices, ginger, ground38.5mcg
Spices, garlic powder38.0mcg
Mustard, prepared, yellow32.9mcg
Spices, coriander leaf, dried29.3mcg
Spices, chervil, dried29.3mcg
Spices, parsley, dried29.3mcg
Spices, coriander seed26.2mcg
Spices, curry powder17.1mcg
Spices, poppy seed13.5mcg
Spices, dill seed12.1mcg
Spices, caraway seed12.1mcg
Spices, celery seed12.1mcg
Spices, pumpkin pie spice9.3mcg
Spices, pepper, red or cayenne8.8mcg
Spices, poultry seasoning7.2mcg
Spices, fenugreek seed6.3mcg
Spices, chili powder6.0mcg
Spices, cloves, ground5.9mcg
Spices, oregano, dried5.9mcg
Spices, saffron5.6mcg
Spices, cumin seed5.2mcg
Spices, anise seed5.0mcg
Spices, savory, ground4.6mcg
Spices, rosemary, dried4.6mcg
Spices, thyme, dried4.6mcg
Spices, turmeric, ground4.5mcg
Spices, marjoram, dried4.5mcg
Spices, tarragon, dried4.4mcg
Spices, paprika4.0mcg
Spices, sage, ground3.7mcg
Spices, pepper, white3.1mcg
Spices, pepper, black3.1mcg
Spices, cinnamon, ground3.1mcg
Spices, basil, dried2.8mcg
Spices, bay leaf2.8mcg
Horseradish, prepared2.8mcg
Spices, allspice, ground2.7mcg
Spices, mace, ground2.7mcg
Spices, onion powder2.1mcg
Spices, nutmeg, ground1.6mcg
Capers, canned1.2mcg
Vinegar, distilled0.5mcg
Basil, fresh0.3mcg
Salt, table0.1mcg
Vinegar, cider0.1mcg
Vanilla extract0.0mcg
Vanilla extract, imitation, no alcohol0.0mcg
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