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Top 100 Foods highest in Ash

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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Salt, table99.80g
Desserts, rennin, tablets, unsweetened72.50g
Leavening agents, baking powder, double-acting, straight phosphate71.80g
Leavening agents, baking powder, double-acting, sodium aluminum sulfate67.30g
Soup, beef broth, cubed, dry59.30g
Soup, chicken broth cubes, dry54.70g
Soup, chicken broth or bouillon, dry49.18g
Soup, beef broth or bouillon, powder, dry48.22g
Leavening agents, baking powder, low-sodium46.40g
CAMPBELL Soup Company, PACE, Dry Taco Seasoning Mix38.01g
Leavening agents, baking soda36.90g
Leavening agents, cream of tartar36.80g
Adobo fresco36.40g
CAMPBELL Soup Company, SUPPER BAKES MEAL KITS, Traditional Roast Chicken with stuffing31.46g
Gravy, au jus, dry30.94g
Jellyfish, dried, salted25.10g
Yeast extract spread23.40g
Soup, onion, dry, mix23.31g
Soup, beef noodle, dry, mix22.06g
Sauce, fish, ready-to-serve20.22g
Soup, tomato vegetable, dry, mix19.54g
Parsley, freeze-dried19.12g
Seeds, sisymbrium sp. seeds, whole, dried18.90g
Fish, cod, Atlantic, dried and salted18.67g
Gravy, mushroom, dry, powder18.00g
Soy sauce made from soy (tamari)17.82g
Gravy, unspecified type, dry17.00g
Spices, chervil, dried16.60g
Tea, instant, unsweetened, powder16.04g
Tea, instant, unsweetened, powder, decaffeinated16.04g
Gravy, onion, dry, mix16.00g
CAMPBELL Soup Company, SUPPER BAKES MEAL KITS, Creamy Stroganoff Sauce with pasta15.70g
Soy sauce made from soy and wheat (shoyu)15.31g
Gravy, brown, dry15.27g
Soy sauce made from soy and wheat (shoyu), low sodium15.15g
Gravy, instant beef, dry14.97g
Gravy, pork, dry, powder14.59g
Gravy, brown instant, dry14.34g
Spices, basil, dried14.27g
Sauce, cheese, dry, powder14.12g
Soy sauce made from hydrolyzed vegetable protein14.10g
Spices, coriander leaf, dried14.08g
Celery flakes, dried13.90g
Fish, mackerel, salted13.40g
Meat extender13.13g
Gravy, chicken, dry13.06g
Soup, cream of vegetable, dry, powder12.90g
Gravy, turkey, dry12.61g
Tomatoes, sun-dried12.60g
Spices, dill weed, dried12.56g
Spices, parsley, dried12.47g
Spices, marjoram, dried12.10g
Spices, tarragon, dried12.03g
Cereals ready-to-eat, KASHI GOLEAN by Kellogg12.00g
Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Whole Grain TOTAL11.81g
Spices, thyme, dried11.74g
Fish, anchovy, european, canned in oil, drained solids11.10g
Gravy, instant turkey, dry10.82g
Soup, chicken noodle, dry, mix10.80g
Whey, acid, dried10.77g
Spearmint, dried10.70g
Beverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, sugar-free, not reconstituted10.70g
Lemonade, low calorie, with aspartame, powder10.60g
Egg, yolk, raw, frozen, salted10.60g
Steelhead trout, dried, flesh (Shoshone Bannock)10.58g
Cocoa mix, with aspartame, low calorie, powder, with added calcium phosphorus, without added sodium or vitamin A10.50g
Sauce, teriyaki, ready-to-serve10.43g
Beef, cured, dried10.40g
Fruit-flavored drink, dry powdered mix, low calorie, with aspartame10.30g
Rice bran, crude9.98g
Puddings, chocolate flavor, low calorie, instant, dry mix9.90g
Sauce, alfredo mix, dry9.76g
Sauce, cheese sauce mix, dry9.67g
Spices, savory, ground9.63g
Tea, instant, unsweetened, lemon-flavored, powder9.60g
MARTHA WHITE FOODS, Martha White's Buttermilk Biscuit Mix,dry9.55g
Sauce, tomato chili sauce, bottled, with salt9.47g
Spices, celery seed9.27g
Chives, freeze-dried9.01g
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder9.00g
Tomato powder8.91g
Coffee, instant, regular, powder, half the caffeine8.80g
Coffee, instant, regular, powder8.80g
Orange-flavor drink, breakfast type, low calorie, powder8.70g
Coffee substitute, roasted grain beverage, NATURAL TOUCH KAFFREE ROMA, powder8.70g
Tofu, salted and fermented (fuyu)8.69g
Tofu, salted and fermented (fuyu), prepared with calcium sulfate8.69g
Spices, chili powder8.53g
Cereals ready-to-eat, FAMILIA8.50g
Sauce, teriyaki, ready-to-serve, reduced sodium8.40g
Peppers, sweet, red, freeze-dried8.40g
Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried8.40g
Whey, sweet, dried8.35g
Radishes, oriental, dried8.33g
Smelt, dried (Alaska Native)8.25g
Spices, fennel seed8.22g
Beverage, milkshake mix, dry, not chocolate8.20g
Dairy drink mix, chocolate, reduced calorie, with aspartame, powder8.20g
Potatoes, au gratin, dry mix, unprepared8.12g
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